Opening a Hard Disk Drive Step by Step Tutorial

Today, I got my old Fujitsu 2.16GB HDD (model:MPB3021AT-E) to be dead. So, opened it step by step and studying what was inside it. First opened the upper cover by unscrewing all screws , and exposed the naked disk. In principle a hard drive is very simple. In a typical older hard drive, a motor […]

How to Format USB Drive – Fix Errors & Backup Data

USB Drive Format Option

The computer market is advancing at a very high speed and these days we have Portable USB Drives which can allow you to backup data upto 64Gb in a small device, hence its very each to buy a new one and store information in it. But if you want to continue using your old Memory […]

Hard Drive Fail – Click of Death Anthem

Whenever a Computer’s Hard Drive Fails, it makes a clicking sound which cannot be clearly heard in the loud environment, but Sandisk has come forward with a Anthem on the ‘Click on Death’ based on the sounds made by the Common HDD. While Sandisk recommends you to buy SSD Drives because they are more secure […]

How to Erase Your Hard Drive Completely

Before you sell away or throw your old Hard Disk Drive you need to make sure that you have completely erased it and this is important because you could have copies of your Important data stored in it and this can go to the wrong hands. Just doing a normal format is not really going […]

Find Bad Sectors in Hard Drive with Windows Surface Scanner

Bad sectors in Hard Drive is now a common issue and its just increasing, which is the reason its important for you to scan down the total hard drive and check out if there are any bad sectors or not. This is important because if there are bad sectors in your HDD, then the data […]

1TB Hard Disk Drives Review

What are 1 (one) Terabyte Hard drives Computers are meant for processing vast amounts of data in a relatively short time with a freer access to all the data. This means that the computer must have access to databases stored in physical storage devices that can store electronic data in a vast amount. Starting with […]

Regain Hard Disk Space & Clean Up Data

This tip is useful for most Windows Operating System based PC users where in they want to regain the hard disk storage space instead of buying a new Hard Disk Drive. Currently you would find these options only in Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. If you find that your Disk Drives are […]

Seagate High Capacity & Power Efficiency HDD

Constellation The Constellation 2.5-inch hard drive is offered in capacities of 160GB and 500GB with both 3 Gbps SATA and new SAS 2.0 interface running at 6Gb/s speeds. As the first SAS 2.0 nearline drive, the Constellation hard drive enables larger external storage topologies, 100% faster data throughput and higher signal strength over greater distances […]

LG XD4 3.5″ External Hard Disk Drive

LG cannot stop itself in the External HDD wars and after big leaders in the market like Transcend and western digital have been launching many models with increasing capacity and lowered prices, LG has launched a 3.5″ HDD named as the XD4. This new Hard Disk Drive is said to have a unique cooling system […]