Best Xbox Kinect Dance Games

XBox Dance Games

Gaming and Dancing never been correlated till now but now the new age dancing doesn’t require stage, in fact all you will need is an Xbox with a Kinect to showcase your dancing skills. Though the dancing experience on stage gives same experience, dancing in front of Kinect is totally altogether gives a new experience […]

Easily Compare Two Documents using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Logo

Generally, we don’t use Microsoft Word to the core, but Microsoft Word has some very excellent tools like right from some useful picture tools to excellent editing and formatting options, Word almost has it all. So let us see another feature which hardly anyone knows about it which is comparing the two documents. Now, this […]

How to Install Microsoft Zune Software on Windows PC

Microsoft needs you to install the Zune software in order to sync or transfer files from your Windows 7 Phone. In order to install the same you need to perform the following steps. First of all you need to visit the official website and click on the ‘download now’ button. Before you start downloading […]

How to extract background from any image in Office 2010


Many times you would have wanted to extract the background from an image. Now, this post will help you on extracting the background from an image from a simple tool which is present in Microsoft Office 2010 product. 1. First of all insert image of which you wish to extract the background into your Microsoft […]

Received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional [MVP] Award 2010

Iam delighted to inform you that Microsoft has awarded me the ‘Most Valuable Professional [MVP] Award’ which is a great honor and given to a very limited number of professionals. Received the confirmation of the award a few days back following which i was able to update my profile at the Microsoft MVP website here […]

Transfer Windows Live Hotmail Emails to Gmail via Forward Option

Problem : We have a Windows Live Hotmail account which can be accessed at but the main problem is that we have been using the Gmail service because of its combined features following which we can connect to different web services. Now the problem is that i want to forward all my live emails […]

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Video Format

Microsoft PowerPoint Save Send

We had recently published a Presentation on Getting Started in Blogging which was built on Microsoft PowerPoint software. It had some nice graphics and beautiful layout and content and we finally planned to share the same presentation in the form of a Youtube Video so people can easily watch it when they are using gadgets […]

MSN Photography Competition – Take Freedom Photos & Win XBOX

This Independence Day – What does Freedom mean to you? Take a photograph that portrays freedom Upload it Vote for other photographs The photograph with the highest votes wins the submitter a cool XBox. Register now to upload and vote! to Just upload your photographs and get a chance to win a cool XBox! Get […]

How to Extract Multiple Images from Microsoft Word Docx Files

Microsoft Word offers is a excellent documentation application where in you can create a beautiful document with Images, Videos, Cliparts etc all inserted into the same file. Many a times you are in a situation where in you would like to grab all the Images from this file and reuse them on some other application. […]