Fix Disqus Problem – Duplicate Comments after Export & Import

The Disqus commenting system is quite good in terms of offering your Blog visitors with a better and easier way to post comments but there are some drawbacks of the same too. One of the biggest one is lack of support from a company which is growing huge and not helping out the users who […]

Remove Footer Links by Decrypting Encrypted WordPress Footers

All of the WordPress theme sellers are nowadays under GPL License because of which its easy for the Bloggers to switch their themes every few months. Buy recently we found many websites which were offering downloads to WordPress with a few links in the footer. When the original theme developers website was not found, the […]

VaultPress – WordPress Blogs Backup Service Review

There are many different WordPress sites backup service which are going to help you in backing up your complete blogs and these can be useful when you are in a problem and would like to restore your blogs. You will have to either schedule download the data to your computer and then restore if you […]

Plugin for Popup Subscription Box to Increase Subscribers

Popup’s on websites are bad but this again depends because if these are advertisements then its bad as they could have some inappropriate messages which you have no control on, but if these popups are created and run by you then the chances are that they are safe and sometimes useful to the readers too. […]

Trick to Increase Page Views & Decrease Bounce Rate

Bloggers always have a problem with the Bounce rate which is normally in the range of 60-80% on an average and in order to decrease this you can always implement many different ways. In this article we will recommend you one useful wordpress plugin which not only decreases the bounce rates, increases the page views […]

Fix Wordpress 3.0 Images Error – Capital P Case Function

WordPress 3.0 CMS is just awesome with the loaded features and amazing stuff which were added in this new version. The backend ie the WordPress Dashboard located at Wp-Admin now loads faster and has better color theme. Except all of this stuff there is only 1 feature which i seriously hate because it made me […]

How to Setup Wordpress 3 Multi User Blog – Mu Tutorial

Wordpress Mu Network Site

Wordpress 3.0 offers with the Mu system inbuilt and there is no need to download and install the wordpress mu script because you just need to set some settings and the blog is ready. Just upgrade your current Wordpress blog to the latest version and then make sure you are logged into the Dashboard & […]

Display Next Post NyTimes Style in Wordpress – Flyout & Fade In/Out Effects

New York Times displays the next article in such a beautiful way that in most of the cases the readers would easily click on the small button or the box and move towards reading it. The best part is that these kind of small & tiny buttons would ensure that your readers stay for a […]

Scroll To Top Plugin for Smoother Scrolling in Wordpress

Scroll To Top Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress is always considered as one of the Best CMS and there are several thousand reasons for the same. As the Blogs grow bigger, they get huge number of comments below the blog posts because of which the scrolling becomes hard and the readers have to manually move the scroll bar for moving back to […]