Yahoo Messenger is the best and the known chatting client that everyone uses. A person who posses Yahoo Messenger ID will change his password only in two cases

1. He forgot his password
2. He want to modify the password

Forgot Yahoo Messenger Password

If you have forgot Yahoo Messenger Password then you need to follow the same steps mentioned below

1. Just like you login into Yahoo Messenger, launch Yahoo Messenger client and you will see at the bottom of it ‘Forgot your password?’, click on it and you will be taken to a Yahoo page where you will be guided further.

How to Change your Yahoo Messenger Password

2. Describe the problem what you are facing like forgot the password completely, you password doesn’t work, your account has been hacked. If forgot password then enter ‘forgot the password completely’ and click on ‘Next’.

How to Change your Yahoo Messenger Password

3. Provide your Yahoo ID associated with the password, click ‘Next’ once you have provided the code.

4. Yahoo will ask you for verification of your identity through question which were asked to you at the time of creation of your account. If you can answer them you will be provided the password or else you have to wash your hand and create a new Yahoo ID instead.

Modify the existing Yahoo Messenger Password

1. To modify your existing password you need to login into Yahoo Messenger and then proceed to ‘Messenger’ > ‘My Account Info’.

How to Change your Yahoo Messenger Password

2. This is will take you to web login into your Yahoo Account, provide your Yahoo ID and password and then login.

3. And under Yahoo Account Info page you will find ‘Sign-in and Security’, under which for modification of password you need to click on ‘change your password’.

4. In the next page provide you existing password and desired new password and click on save. This will instantly modify your password for your Yahoo account.

How to Change your Yahoo Messenger Password

The above were the two cases when you can loose your Yahoo ID and Messenger password for which instruction to get back is also explained.

Note that if you change you password of Yahoo ID all the Yahoo ID related products login will also be changed which are associated with your account.

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