BSNL Broadband LogoBsnl Broadband is considered to be one of the best broadband service providers in India because of the lowest downtime and competitive prices. There are lakhs of Broadband Users who have limited download based connections at home where in they get high speed Internet connection with a limited upload and download. This means that if a person opts for a BSNL 125 Plan, they will be offered with a 150Mb of download/upload limit at a speed of 2Mbps. Its quite unlogical but these kind of plans are setup to cheat the customers, since these are postpaid plans, the customers would unknowingly use in GB’s and then at the end would be charged with thousand of rupees in bills. If a customer is offered with 2MBPS connection, its obvious that within a few hours of browsing and downloading stuff, their bill would turn into 125Rs + Extra Usage * 0.90 Paise/mb. Hence its very important for the Bsnl Dataone users to use this software.

We had previously written about Broadband Speed Test Tool which is a Speed Meter useful to check out the Internet Upload & Download Speed, but the software offered by Shaplus, completely dedicated towards the Dataone users.

Features :
* Auto login to BSNL usage checking site
* Daily total of non free and free usage( for those having night(2am to 8am) free usage)
* Graphic display of daily usage
* Summary of usage, daily average used , average usable, estimated bill etc.

Screenshots :

You will be offered with a login ID & password for broadband access by the BSNL which you need to enter the software under the account type. The IP address can be used a medium to find out what kind of software version you should download. 5x.xx.xx.xx IP set should download the usage based version and the 117.xx.xx.xx IP set should download version. You can also contact the Bsnl Toll Free Support desk at 1800-424-1600 or 1500 from your landline and get more help regarding this.

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