Password is the main component of any online account or data. It is a few letters or characters which you need to remember with yourself and not share as every important secret accounts are locked with that password.

Password meter
This tool checks the strength of the password from every aspect. It asks every password to be at least 8 characters long, and should be having at least 3 of the following 4 rules –
Uppercase Letters
Lowercase Letters
It checks the strength by measuring the number of characters, uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers included in it, symbols inclusion, and any other factor that makes the pass stronger. If there is lesser number of characters or any repetition of the characters, then the password is graded as a weaker one.

Microsoft password strength checker – This tool just checks how strong your password is, but they have not mentioned how the tool works and what all is seen when determining the strength of the password. Might be same to the other checkers, but is a trustable measure as Microsoft has some good security services and this one too might be working well.

Security Stats password tool – This is a password checking tool which checks password taking many factors into considerations, and lets us know how strong and secure our password can be. It checks the password against a whole list of factors and also your password will also be checked against a hacking dictionary containing commonly used passwords and keystroke combination.

AJAX password strength checker – This is a very simple password checker, AJAX based and moves on as you type a character or symbol or digit or space bar. This tool can be bought and placed in your web page if you need and it works well.

In the next post i would share the tips on how to make strong passwords, what to do and what not to do.

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