3idiots Chetan BhagatIam sure if you are a Bollywood Fan or else a Twitter User you would come through the current issue which is going on between one of India’s Best Book Writer – Chetan Bhagat & the movie 3 idiots. The issue currently is that Chetan Bhagat claims that he has not been given credit for the story even though they have copied most of the stuff from his book – 5 Point Someone. While on the other hand the movie producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra is not ready to reply to any of this and pushes Aamir Khan between this. Iam sure these Actors don’t get any time to read books and still they reply to the press, and what Aamir said was kind of joke. He claims that since the movie has got hit – he does expect people looking for publicity[wtf].

I would recommend all my blog viewers to first view the following video by Star News which has posted a comparison of the movie to the small events in the book. It clearly shows that there are multiple situations and similar scenes which were written in the book. Since the movie team knew that they were copying the stuff and they didn’t want any legal trouble, they added the name of Chetan Bhagat at a place which is not normally visible to anyone and something which people would avoid to read. Even if i was in the place of Chetan Bhagat i would feel that this is seriously a bad issue and if Aamir Khan is a true actor he would have just kept himself away from this issue instead of talking crap without knowing everything on this situation.

Well since the Actors are Actors and they are meant to Act, something like Lawyers who by hook or crook just have a target to win the case, Aamir is also acting on the lines the movie producer has given him.

Lets assume that Chetan Bhagat is looking for publicity based on the lines of Aamir Khan, but after watching the above video if you were the writer of a book whose content has been filmed and if you accused wrongly, you would also do the same thing. This is because media would just support Aamir Khan or the movie team because of the hit and their status and would just ignore a writer who have rarely come to the main stream media.

Unless someone would First Read the Book, then watch the Movie and then search for the credits, they wont understand how bad it hurts when your hard work is not paid off. Till now i didn’t find any single place where Chetan Bhagat has asked for any Monetary Compensation but has expected a credit wherever possible which can give him a better name and fame and buzz all over. But when the other party accuses wrongly its real bad and everyone should raise a hand on this and support the right party in my case Chetan Bhagat.

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