A Nokia N95 Clone with Touch Screen Features of a Apple iPhone Duplicate which costs just 5000Rs is only possible when you go into the Grey Market of mobile phones in most twin cities in India. These handsets look 100% similar to the original handsets but are just not the original ones. These Chinese handsets are having dual sim cards facility, super high bass speakers and many touch screen capabilities which are not even available in the original handsets. Many a times customers are duped with duplicate handsets which they may never be aware of.

Banned Chinese Mobile PhonesBut the rules are changing now and Indian Cellular operators are recommending consumers to not buy these handsets along with Department of Telecommunications (DoT) which is directing the telecom companies to disconnect services to these handsets. One of the major problems with these handsets is that these dont have any IMEI numbers which gives a lot of information about the handset and can also help you in case your handset is lost.

Chinese Mobile Phone Handsets

One interesting point about these handsets is that most terrorists ae known to use these handsets because they dont leave any trace behind and cannot be tracked easily which means total safety for them and if you are also a owner of these handsets you are also using a mobile phone which terrorists use? Will you do this?

Currently Dot has given a warning to all the handsets users that their mobile phones should be changed before 31st march or else the handsets would be deactivated and they cannot use them. No Cellular services would be offered to handsets which dont have IMEI numbers.

There are mainly 2 options left , because there should be some real good option for the users who have already purchased these handsets and these are to either Legalize these imported cheap handsets or else update their software according the govt telecom rules and allow the users to use them.

My suggestion is that if you are on a tight budget in buying a new mobile phone then dont go for these chinese handsets but go for cheapest handsets which come for 400Rs to 2000Rs with many good features.

Are you already a owner of these chinese handsets? What are you going to do next?

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