Chinese seem to be highly focused in making money and searching for money related keywords rather than searching for “Sex” which is a keyword highly searched in Egypt, VietNam & India as per Google Trends

Chinese have been searching for Money, technology and Stock related keywords with the Top 10 keywords being :
Highest Searched Terms China

  1. QQ
  2. China Merchants Bank
  3. ICBC – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  4. Stock
  5. Game
  6. China Construction Bank
  7. Google Earth
  8. Thunder
  9. Kaspersky
  10. MSN

These stats clearly show that the statement “Sex sells” is not always right and chinese people are more inclined towards money which obviously can again buy sex :p , these trends were for the year 2007 when compared with the searches for terms worldwide. The keyword “sex” didnt even reach the Top10 searched keywords list in china. The number one position was taken by QQ which was a Chinese instant-messaging service because many other instant messengers were blocked by chinese government. Lets wait and watch if these trends change by the end of this year.

Other terms which stood in the top on worldwide google search terms were : iPhone, Badoo, Facebook, DailyMotion, WebKinz, Youtube, eBuddy, Second Life, Hi5 & Club Penguin

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