How to Connect Apple Magic Mouse with Windows XP Vista & 7

The Apple Magic Mouse is one of the best product ever which can be purchased by the Gadget Lovers and be used on both Apple MacBook & Windows based computers. We had earlier written a article on How to Connect or Pair Bluetooth Mouse with Apple MacBook. In case of the Apple Computers its almost directly available for use but in case of windows you need to connect this device. Apple claims that the Magic Mouse works perfectly on most PC’s with windows though the finger functions wont be working which is the best feature of this device. You can still use it as a normal mouse and use operations like Right & Left click along with page up down scrolling. All of Mac synced features wont be available but the device is easily available for Windows 7.

Apple Magic Mouse Windows7

First you need to Power ON the Magic Mouse by pressing the button available at the bottom of the device. Then start the Bluetooth Manager in your Laptop or Desktop Computer followed by clicking on ‘Search for Devices’ or ‘Add a Device’. Windows will then start searching for discoverable devices in the connectivity range.

Add Device Bluetooth

If the Mouse is not detected you need to download the following drivers for your version of computer and install the same.

Download Apple Magic Mouse Driver for Windows (32 Bit)
Download Apple Magic Mouse Driver for Windows (64 Bit)

Once the software is installed on your computer you will get a message saying ‘Device Driver Installation Wizard’ > Apple Inc. Apple Wireless Mouse > Ready to Use. Now the device would be visible under the ‘Bluetooth Add a Device Window’.

Bluetooth Add Device Magic Mouse

Once you click on the Next button, the installation will proceed and make sure that the device is perfectly installed on your computer. The installation is then completed with a success message and the device can be later removed by visiting the following location on your computer. Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Devices and Printers.

Magic Mouse Windows Installed

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  1. Dear Amit Bhawani,
    Thank you for the great info. However, I am unable to Download Apple Magic Mouse Driver for Windows (32 Bit) at
    Can you help by providing me the link?
    Thank you.

    • Kyriakos Poumbouris says:

      Im trying to download the drivers for a win7 32bit notebook but the link doesnt seem to work.. i was wondering if theres another link where i can download the drivers from.. thanks.

  2. I was wondering. I followed all the steps. I downloaded the 64 bit version of the driver and after the installation i got the message saying “ready to use” as u described above but windows cant find the mosue

  3. wow, at first I was a little on installing this apprehensive on my new laptop. but after I installed it, and told the computer to reconnect to the mouse, it works a treat, all functions of the mouse works fine on my PC. thank you!

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