Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook both offer the similar features in terms of setting up new devices and using them. In this article you can find out how the Apple Laptop can be paired with a Bluetooth mouse like the Magic Mouse. To get started you need to click on System Preferences which is located at the Dock. Next under the System Preferences > Internet & Wireless > Bluetooth.

System Preferences MacBook

Click on the Bluetooth Icon which will display all the connected bluetooth devices.

MacBook Device Manager

Click on ‘Setup a New Device’ button to start the process. First you will be asked to Enable the Bluetooth Hardware which by default is normally OFF.

Bluetooth Hardware On Off

Next the Bluetooth Setup Assistant will start running and it will search for all the devices which are available in the bluetooth connectivity range.

Bluetooth Setup Assistant

Once the device is found you need to click on it and the Bluetooth Assistant will start attempting pairing of Bluetooth mouse.

Attempting Pairing Bluetooth Mouse

Once the device is connected and connection is established you will get the following message.

Setup Complete Bluetooth Mouse

Finally the new bluetooth connected device would be displayed under the ‘Bluetooth’

Bluetooth Devices

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