Whenever you take some Digital Snaps through your Digital Camera they are huge sized , somewhere in MB’s and when you want to share these with your friends you need to send these files one by one through Instant Messengers or else via email by adding these files as attachments. Dont forget the email attachment limits which can also crate problems for you. Not only this there are many other problems like storing multiple files on your computer instead of just one which can be the best solution. Lets convert all your JPEG to PDF 2.0 file which can have all the Jpg formatted files transformed into a beautiful PDF format file.

Convert JPG to PDF Tool

Download JPEG to PDF

There is no Installation of this software, which means that you can directly run it anywhere and store it in a Pen Drive too because its tiny around 124kb in size. In the JPEG to PDF Application you need to Add Files first from your computer and also set the Output location where the PDF file would be saved along the the preferred file name and the width of the PDF file in case you want to take a print out of this PDF file in future.

Overall its a good application for its size with upto 20 images conversion done quickly, portable and helpful when you want to make a PDF file out of your couple JPG files stored on your computer. The customization options are helpful because the margin settings with top, left, right & bottom are also helpful when you are planning for presentations using these PDF files.

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