Question : Facebook has launched a new feature called Groups and i wanted to know more about this. Is it possible for us to create one of these? Can we use it similarly like the Yahoo! Groups service? How do i create this?

Answer : First of all you can read this information on facebook adds Data security and offers Groups Feature which is the recent news and update from the service. This new feature is quite similar to the process of Create a Facebook Fan Page. In order to create a Group in facebook you will have to click on the ‘Create Group’ link on the left column of your homepage or else directly access the page at ‘’ and click on the button which says ‘Create Group’.

Create facebook Group

Next a small box would be shown asking you to Enter the Group Name, members names and the Privacy of your Group. Enter your desired name under the first box and then under the members you will have to start typing the names of your friends who you want to become a member of.

Create Group Name Members

Once you have entered and selected all the members of your Group, next you will have to select the Privacy option. This enables you to ensure that the Group you are creating is either a Public one or a Private one ie Secret Group with no access to outsiders whom you have not allowed to become a member.

Facebook Group Homepage

Once you click on the ‘Create’ button the group would be created and you would be able to find a dedicated Group page with all the updates and sharing features. The members would be displayed on the sidebar and you will be able to easily add more friends to your group by clicking on the option ‘Add Friends to Group’. You can click on the ‘Setup Group’ button to customize the Group by adding a Profile Picture by uploading from your computer or taking a picture.

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