How to Create a Slide Show Presentation Online

In this article we will show you how you can create a beautiful and useful slide slow presentation using the Online web services and without the need of using services like Microsoft Office which costs huge amount of money. The service is available at which is a web service available for free for creating presentations.

Once you access the website you will be shown with a list of four different options and a complete editing interface like the Normal Microsoft Office. You will have to select any one of the options listed like :

  • Create a New Presentation
  • Open a Saved Presentation
  • Import an Existing Presentation
  • Take a tour

280 Slides Presentation

Click on the ‘Create a New Presentation’ to get started. You will be next asked to select a theme from the listed themes to get started. These would change the whole presentation theme and would be implemented for all the slides which are created.

Choose Theme Presentation

Next you will directly get access to the main editor which is divided mainly into two different panes. Left side displays a thumbnail of the slides and the right side section is the main slide editing section. On the top there is a list of different options which are useful in creating the whole presentation. Check out the below Screen Capture to get more idea on the whole service.

Presentation Editor

Finally when you are done you can click on the Save Button to save the presentation file which would be done after you have registered for an account with the service. The Import option allows you to import your already created presentation files and edit them online. You can also read our similar article on Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Video Format.

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  1. Your article on “How To Create A Slide Show Presentation Online” was very informative and useful. But I find that the web based program does not have any HELP facility. How can I access such a facility? Especially,I want to know how to proceed to the next slide to be prepared, after finshing the preparation of one.
    Also I want to know whether that program needs to be installed like a normal program or is to be accessed fom the web everytime one wants to use it. If it is to be installed, which site can I “download” the program from for installing it?
    I will be very grateful for your help on the above questions, especially if you can send the same through my e-mail ID given above.If you don’t have the time for an individual response, please include the concerned details in your Tech Blog at an early date, as I am a regular reader of your contribution.
    Also I feel it will help many readers like me, who access your Tech Blog regularly.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Sincerely yours

    • Here are some of the answers :
      First of all yes the online based free tools actually have very less support to the users and this is the very reason most of these are supported with the review websites helpful tips. You can click on the ‘+’ symbol to create a new slide. Also you cannot download this tool as its a online web based tool. You can always ask your questions specific to the post in the very same blog post using the comments section or else ask the same at our Free Help Desk at

  2. A very nice website. I like the flexibility in choosing the different colors, themes etc. and many other options are also given.

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