How to Remove Recent Google Searches from your Browser Toolbar

I have been using the built-in search box which comes preinstalled in my firefox browser, and daily i make some searches, but i recently found that when i just start typing something in the same search box, the previously searched keywords diretly show up there, revealing all my previous searches which is not a good feature. Anyway i can disable this feature to remove or hide the previous searches? – Question by Ashwin Kumar

Delete Browser Search HistoryAshwin based on your question i can understand that you can remove all the recent searches you had made on your browser and make sure no one else access it. These are different settings and options based on the browsers and you need to perform different steps for implementing this. Lets check out all the options for the most used browsers ie Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari.

Deleting Past Searches from Internet Explorer :
If you are running Internet Explorer 6,7 or version IE8 then perform the following steps in your IE browser.
1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Delete Browsing History .
3. Click the Delete forms button.
4. Click the Yes button in the confirmation window.
5. Click the Close button.

Removing Searches in Mozilla Firefox :
1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Clear Private Data.
3. Select Saved Form and Search History.
4. Click the Clear Private Data Now button.

Clearing History in Safari 2 or 3 Browser :
1. Click the Safari menu.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Click the Autofill tab.
4. Click the Edit button next to the ‘Other forms’ checkbox.
5. Select from the list.
6. Click Remove.
7. Click Done.

Its recommended to delete all this searched phrases from your browsers using these above listed options rather than using any 3rd party softwares.

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  1. The above does not work for me. I can clear history from the main history list but search box (set to google or msn) refuses to clear. Even if I delete individual items when I make my next search they still appear.

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