Dell Latitude Z LaptopWould you believe this to be true if i tell you that there is a Laptop in the Market which would charge its battery without Power Cords and it works on Wireless Battery Charging. Well Dell has launched a Business Series laptop which is not another highly priced Adamo but its going to offer you with something really unexpected in the computing industry which is a Laptop Battery charging without wires, called as the ‘Dell Latitude Z’ it is a 16″ Ultra Thin Notebook with seriously break through technology.

The Screen Displays is of 1600×900 along with backlit chiclet keyboard and a multitouch trackpad which is also available on the Apple Macbook Pro. Looking at the External Specs of the large size the Laptop is surprisingly low weight at 4.4 pounds and is just 14.5 mm (0.57 inches) thick.

The Latitude ON feature is different than other instant-on methods currently used, as this has a dedicated second processor to make it work more efficiently. A 1-inch square motherboard contains an ARM processor and small amount of memory (512 MB or so) to power the Latitude ON feature. Dell believes that in the corporate environment, where applications are served on Citrix or Exchange Servers, the Latitude Z user can spend most of his/her day in the Latitude ON environment. This means no booting to Windows, although the Z can toggle via button press between the two environments. The Latitude ON environment is fully connected via VPN or other secure methods to the enterprise network. It runs as a client in the setup, not a standalone system. The ARM processor used allows the system to shut down the Intel processor when not in use so the Z can maintain decent battery life in this environment. via jkontherun

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The best part of this Laptop is the Innovative Wireless Charging which is implemented when the notebook is placed over a special power adapter stand and it starts charging. With inductive charging Dell claims that the Laptop can attain 70% efficiency while using this Charging feature and you also need to buy 2 additional modules which cost 200$ each. The website of Latitute Z is not yet loading and the Notebook is available at 1999$ in the U.S.

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