Whenever you visit any blogs or websites with RSS you will find some subscription options which may be confusing to you if you are new to this blogging or RSS. First of all you need to understand What is RSS and then check out the most popular ways of subscribing to different feeds. When we are discussing about the differences then these are two really different ways of subscriptions and you should understand them carefully.

Normally the way you go for NewsPaper subscription where you get daily newspapers delivered at home, in this case you get all the latest articles via email or Feedreaders everyday and that too for free of cost.

RSS Feeds :

Most blogs are now backed up with Feedburner.com for subscriptions and you can directly read it on the websites or different feed readers. Check out my feed link here – http://feeds2.feedburner.com/AmitBhawani which you can directly bookmark and visit it regularly to make sure you can read the latest articles. Another option is subscription via live firefox bookmarks where you can directly read the latest articles with the topics in a drop down menu.

Firefox Live Bookmarks

Subscribe RSS Feeds

When you visit the feedburner based feed link you will be redirected to a page with all the following feed readers options available which you can select and signup to stay updated. You can even read the latest posts on the same page itself. If you are looking to add comments or bookmark the articles in delicious or submit to digg these feed pages would offer you the links to all these services.

Email Subscriptions :

The most easily and best option of getting updated is email subscription where you get the whole article or a excerpt of it through email linking back to the original source article. The email subscription option offers you to even get updated to the latest feed through mobile phones because you can read a small part of the article and if you like it and would continue to read the whole article, you can click on the title of the topic and get redirected to the full article.

Email Subscription Box Feedburner

The email subscription box are available on different blogs either on the sidebar or within the content itself from where you can enter your email address and confirm this subscription.

Overall its based on personal choices whether to subscribe to the feeds through RSS Readers or else through email because its preferred to subscribe to the option which may be very easy to access and keep you updated.

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