Whenever i start my computer late in the night when everything is silent around my house, i find that the computer makes a huge sound also known as Welcome start-up sound. I don’t want to disturb everyone with this and want to permanently disable this sound when the computer boots up and enjoy silence.

The solution for this is to set the settings section under the control panel. Click on the Sounds Icon which will display the sounds settings.

Windows Sounds Settings

Next click on the ‘Sounds’ tab which would display you the current Sound theme which is active on your computer. Here in you will have to uncheck on the option which says ‘Play Windows Startup Sound’. You don’t have to make any changes in the other options available under the Sounds section other than this one.

Play Windows Startup Sound

This would make sure that the silence is maintained and the Windows wont make any Startup Sound the next time you start it.

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