Problem : When I turn on my Apple iMac Computer, I found that my Macintosh HD icon disappeared suddenly on desktop, even I click tick in finder preference, it still not appear again..what happen to it and how can i restore this.

Solution : A newly installed Apple Mac computer would have a clean interface with no stuff displayed on the Homepage and in order to show up something you need to tweak the Preferences Settings options. In windows you will have the My Computer Icon on the Desktop, which in this case its called as the Macintosh Hd and this is the Icon which when clicked would find the files stored in your Mac.

Finder Preferences Mac

Now you need to Click on the Finder on the Left Top area and then click on Finder > Preferences > General. Here you will find a option to ‘Show these items on the desktop’ under which there are some options to check or uncheck. Check on ‘Hard Disks’ option to display the internal hard drives of your computer and in case you want to display the External Hard Drives or Pendrives then you need to Check on ‘External disks’.

Finder Preferences General Settings

This will fix your issue and show the respective Icons on your Homepage.

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