DLink Wireless G USB Adapter for Wifi Internet

D-link Wireless G AdapterLaptops are always featured with a inbuilt wifi adapters to connect to the nearest wireless router, but what if you want to connect your PC with a wireless router? then you need to get a wireless adapter or a lan card for your pc.

Selection of the Best :
If you are looking for a lower costing option then you can buy a wireless lan cards which are almost the same looking like the normal lan cards but need to be installed on the motherboard within the CPU and you cannot remove them easily.
Second option is to go for a USB adapter which costs around 3 times the normal wireless USB Card but can be used on any PC/Laptop which does not have a wireless option.

I have started using this new adapter on my Windows Vista based PC and had some driver problems because microsoft says that this is compatible with a Windows Vista 64Bit operating system but thats not true and i had to tweak into some changes for making sure that this works out.

If you are planning to use this wireless adapter on a Windows Vista 64bit based PC then you need to do the following settings –

Download this Drivers pack from – downloada2z.com, even though these drivers are not for the D-link USG wifi donggle but still it will work out if you follow this procedure.

Once you download the drivers pack, install it and you will find that Ralink Wireless Lan Card not available error would be shown but thats ok because we cannot get D-link drivers for this operating system, hence need to install something which makes the adapter to work.

Next you need to go to the Device Manager under your control panel and locate the USB Adapter, right click on it, select properties and uninstall the drivers and click on ‘Scan for Hardware Changes’.

D-link Wireless Connection Manager

You will find the adapter found again in the Device manager, where in you should select the manual installation of drivers rather than automated option. There is a option to show compatible devices which you need to uncheck and browse directly to the installation folder of the Ralink wireless lan card and save it. It instantly detects the adapter and the network card is ready for use now.

You also need to have a very good antivirus program with a strong firewall before you access any wifi hub because there are chances of you losing your important data if connecting to a unsecured hub.

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  1. Wireless Network installers says:

    I have this one and it works very well…I even use it for pen-testing.

  2. Hi Amit, in your blog about D-Link wireless adapter you talked about facing a problem initially, while using it on a window based version. Although, you were able to fix the problem but does this adapter work well with other version? Lately, I came across this Teligy – Technology Development Company (http://www.teligy.com/), which offers services for USB device drivers that support any version.

  3. Parveen Saini says:

    Its easy to spend money on any product but you need to know what is yours main requirement is Before buying any product please consult to any professional technical person.

  4. Guys,

    I installed the Windows 7 in my PC, it recognized the adapter but the Connection manager doesn`t! And when I try to connect it to my wireless-network (I use a D-link router) it just fails :(

    No error, no message, just fails :(

    Can any one help me with that?

    • Parveen Saini says:

      Please check the country setup of your ap, and use same county in your pc to.. i think this is problem.

  5. venkatesh says:

    How its work. i’m in small town in india. how can i use it please tell me any network???

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