How to Download Audio/Mp3 Files from Websites

Recently a visitor asked me how to download audio files directly from different Hindi Mp3 websites which offer online music services. In 90% of the cases you can easily download these files in Mp3 files similarly to the way you can record streaming music. Some websites offer music in wav, iTunes or Mp3 format which are directly played in your browser and you wont generally find a direct option to download these files.

Even though the website owners dont offer you a download link directly and just offers you a option to play the song online, you can use a small option available in your browsers menu to get started. First of all visit any Indian Songs Website and access the movie page where all the songs are listed and then start playing a single song. Generally a flash based player would load and the start loading/playing.

Play Online Audio

Next you need to go to the Menu or right click on the audio link and save Link as and use save As option to complete this process. You dont need any special paid softwares or scripts to get this job done because many times complex jobs can be processed with the basic tools. You can also save Quicktime Pro files for free using similar option.

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  1. Make money says:

    from which site we can download hindi songs for free ?

  2. Pratyush says:

    Awesome! Never knew it can be as simple as that. Thanks Amitji for the tip.

    @Make Money: there is a link in the above post ( ) which lists the sites offering you to listen the hindi songs for free.

  3. how can i increase the performance of youtube….

  4. Great, but many sites let you play music ON their site instead of opening a separate page to play it. It doesn’t work on those sites.
    I discovered a way how you can download music from anywhere you can play it.

    Buy a cheap microphone cable that has both ends you can stick into the microphone hole in the computer. Just connect one end to the speakers port and one to the microphone port. You need an audio-recording software like Audacity which you can get for free. Just set it to record from microphone and play the song in your browser. There is no quality loss.


  5. how to dowonload youtube

  6. from which site we can download hindi voice messages for free ?
    i mean a short songs , dialogs etc?????????????

  7. I went to school at PAVI for audio recording, I now work in the industry. Going to school really helps place you better in the industry.

  8. Would like to just conform that is it possible to download songs from online music playing website with the mentioned above procedure?

  9. But many leading sites are not offering players like this.They are hiding their source files ofcourse .Though programmers can get the file from the source code anyway!!!!Great post

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