Google Maps offers us with a huge amount of local information at free of cost but at times while we are traveling to some unknown location with the power of Google Maps, suddenly there are chances that the Internet Connectivity may be lost and you are left totally ‘LOST’. This is a situation where in neither you can contact anyone because of no Network Coverage nor access the Internet to check, hence its time you should always take a backup of the Maps you are going to need offline.

This is quite possible using the service called ‘Google Maps Saver’ which allows you to download all the huge sized Google Maps onto your computer in the form of Image Files like JPEG, PNG-8, PNG-24, BMP or Targa files. The software is very light of just 400kb in size which can be installed on slow computers too and supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 based computers.

Google Maps Saver

Since the software is a freeware, it adds a small watermark on the top right size of the saved maps which you can remove by just registering for a free account through their website.

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