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Am looking to download around 380 Original High Quality Photos from one of my friends Flickr account which were snapped on our recent holiday but it seems like there is no direct option for this. I have been clicking on each of the photos and then clicking on the option of ‘All Sizes’ then again selecting the Original Image and then right clicking on the Photo to download it, but this all seems to be a very hectic task. Hence, is there any shortcut for downloading multiple Flickr Images directly to our computer without the need of using any paid software because am looking for a free solution. – Question by Blog Reader

Flickr does not offer you with any software using which you can directly download bulk photos at a time, but there are a few 3rd party applications which can be helpful to you in order to complete this task. We had previously written a useful article on how to Upload Multiple Images to your flickr account from your desktop which can also be useful to you. There was a software called FlickrDown which would allow you to download upto 200 different Original Photos from any user’s account but its currently disabled by Flickr because it allowed anyone download Copyright Images.

A better solution is using the Bulkr Application which can allow you to directly backup your complete Flickr Photos without the need for logging into your account. You can select all the sets or specific sets from any Flickr Account and download them to your computer in different sizes ranging from the Original Size to thumbnail Mode. Along with this Bulkr can download a detailed file for every photo which is downloaded which has Photo Metadata along with Photographer Name, Photo URL, License on the Image, Total Views on the Photo, Title of the Image, Description if added, Tags etc.

Bulkr Features :

  • Backup your entire Flickr photostream
  • Download your sets (select few or all of them)
  • Download photos in 6 different sizes
  • Download photo metadata (title, tags etc)
  • Preview images before download
  • Resume download if connection breaks
  • Download upto 200 photos in batches from:
    – Your photostream
    – Your favorites
    – Explored photos
    – Flickr search
    – Any user’s photostream

Once you install the Application on your computer which is powered by Adobe AIR application, you will find a option to Backup your Flickr Profile as shown below.

Bulk Download Flickr Photos

The next option allows you to Download Photos along with the size you would like to save the Pictures. Select the Folder option to save the location where all the downloaded pics would be saved as shown below.

Bulk Download Flickr Photos

All the Pictures would be downloaded one by one automatically to your computer as shown below once you click on Select All, and select Download All option.

Bulk Download Flickr Photos

Bulk Download Flickr Photos

You can also search for pictures database or tags by writing the keyword in the Search Box and then clicking on the Search Button as shown below.

Bulk Download Flickr Photos

Once the search is complete, the whole window is filled with small thumbnails of all the searched results. When you select any of these you will get options to directly download the Image or view its full version on Flickr.

Bulk Download Flickr Photos

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  2. Nice info..keep adding topics like this..

  3. Bulkr is a nice application. Although Flickr heps you download our own pictures easily, but downloading in bulk is not possible directly.

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