Get Dual Sim Card Adapter for iPhone 3G / 3Gs

Iam sure with these Cellular Network wars you would be seeing a lot of drops in your Phone Calls and this is the main reason many subscribers opt for two mobile phones or would opt for a Dual-Sim based Mobile Phone, but anyway this would all mean you should shift from your favourite Smart Phone – The iPhone, and if iPhone would support a Dual-Sim then it would be a awesome feature right? Check out Deal Extreme which is selling this iPhone Accessory at a price of 59.99$ with World Wide Shipping facility.

Dual Sim Card iPhone

Dual Sim Card iPhone

This is a 3-in-1 External Battery with DUAL SIM Function for iPhone 3G / 3Gs.

– One iPhone (3G / 3G s) with 2 SIM Cards (see note below)
– No need to cut your SIM CARD
– STK Menu (see installations below)
– Portable power pack (Enough Power to hold your iPhone for days while you are travelling)
– Access to all ports of your iPhone 3G / 3Gs (Except the silence switch)
– As a protective case to your iPhone 3G / 3Gs (made with same material used in iPhone 3G)
– Perfect integration, almost no seams, no longer bulky
– To Sync with your PC / Mac even when the battery is on
– No need to take off the battery even you need to Sync your iPhone 3G / 3Gs
– To control when to have Data HotSync and when to charge
– USB Cable for charging (hidden USB Cable for your data connection and charging anytime,anywhere, and always with you)
– LED Power Indicator

Dual Sim iPhone Installaton

Dual Sim iPhone Installaton

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  1. dotcompals says:

    Amit, it is possible to make work with the first generation iphone?

    • Amit Bhawani says:

      I dont think so because the company didnt mention any details on the iphone version, though you can contact them and let us know.

  2. yes you get these adapters for other normal phones.these are Chinese made but stops working some times.
    Costs around Rs.30-70/- (Rs.50 in Bangalore)

  3. this one do not work for 3g function, I heard Magicsim have a new model support 3g function, but who knows where can buy in UK ?

  4. will u tell me that whether this adaptor will work for nokia5030 express radio

    please te;; me and tell me how to buy this product and about the cost.

  5. my friend just sent a Magicsim 26th iphone no cut dual sim to me, works great ! and support 3g function. I love it very much ! haha

  6. Aashish says:

    Hi Amit,

    Where can i get this adapter in India?

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