Problem with Dual Sim Mobile Phones in India

Fron the past year there has been a huge rise in the sale of the Dual SIM Mobile phones in India which is randing in around 1,00,000 Dual-sim handsets sold every month but now there is a stop on this and you cannot even guess the reason for this. Somasundaram Dual Sim Handsets IndiaRamkumar who is a Madurai resident holds a patent for ‘Phones with Plurality of SIM Cards’ which means that whenever someone sells a handset with Dual-SIM facility, they need to pay RamKumar a royalty of Rs35 and this Patent is valid for 5 long years. This Patent can help him become quick rich because the popularity of these handsets is increasing and all the importers and manufacturers have to pay Rs35 before they sell the handset to the consumers.

Best Dual Sim Mobile Phones

This Notice is active for all the major manufacturers like Samsung, LG, MIRC Electronics, Spice Mobile & Fly Mobile , out of which Fly is going to be the biggest sufferer as they have launched many handsets with Dual-Sim capability and since in many international countries you cannot run your country based SIM everywhere so there is always a need for alternative number and these mobile phones can be very helpful. Seems like Ramkumar can become a rich guy if you calculate the Royalty fees he may earn on every handset.

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    i have a spice mobile QT55. surprisingly it works well, only the reception and transmission of speech are not so clear. not only that there service station people are very reluctant to speak also, let alon repairing them. these people have come only to sell the mobile phones, but they have very very poor service. so be very careful before buying them.

  2. Hi,

    I want to buy dual sim gsm-gsm mobile range upto 7000, with touchscreen,approx 5mega pixel camera and a good battery back up.can you suggest which model fulfill all these criteria…

  3. prashant mishra says:

    hi friends i m using fly mv 135 dual sim mobile…………….. but it not fuction well becoz its sim 2 stop working after regular intervals of time

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