WTF @EbayIndia Account Suspended for Writing a Positive Blog Post for their Service

Ebay India about which I had written a article on a comparison with here – Why is not a Safe Place to Buy & Sell compared to seem to have taken up the article with wrong perception. I have been a regular buyer on Ebay India and have even sold products but not regularly and my reputation can clearly give more idea on the same.

Ebay India Feedback Profile

Been a member from 2008 and only 1 negative feedback which was also given by a buyer who actually blackmailed for additional discount after receiving the package and sadly because of the ebay policies even though I had won the “case” with him, he was able to add a negative feedback and ebay team suggested to ignore it.

Recently I had tried to purchase a Digital Camera and the payment processor failed, following which I had to make three tries to make the payment and finally it worked following which the order was confirmed. We had been charged with a total of Rs 6476 and the seller had confirmed that the package is on the way.

Next day i tried to login to my account to track the package to find that it was blocked.

Ebay India Account Suspended

The above note clearly says that we need to first check out the account information section and find if there are any pending invoices and a quick check there showed that I had a Credit Balance in my account rather than any pending payments.

Ebay India Account Activity

Clearly no pending payments, a regular buyer and no multiple accounts maintained, a genuine story around them on this blog and finally what I get is the account blocked without any valid reason and the funds also blocked. I gave a quick call to the customer support, who asked me to email the story to “”. An email was sent and a response was received, which is shown below.

Ebay India Account Suspension Email Response

The above response clearly shows that ebay has no answer to why the account has been suspended and probably the title of this answer can only suggest the same. Waiting for some positive response from Team Ebay India and a refund of the payments been made for the recent order.

Please Tweet this link to the @EbayIndia Team and help me in getting an actual answer to this issue.

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  1. how to get adsense account. I have found adsense related articles earlier in your website. I think now your website has been updated. Please write an article related to that.

  2. Can you show what review have you written for which you account has been suspended?

  3. Amit, don’t sweat! Ebay and their little sister Paypal are the BIGGEST thieves in the eWorld. I was a Paypal user years ago and they withheld my US $7000 for 6 months. No reason was given why they held my money. NOTHING. I filed many complaints, I even logged a complaint with BBB but to no avail. Had to wait 180 days. They had to release my funds, so they did. But lesson learned. EBay/Paypal, you can KMA! You may have held my money for 6 months to earn a little interest but for the life of me, YOU LOST a good customer who will go tweet, blog and facebook about your notorious business policies. Your unscrupulous business ethics are par with a roadside BHAIYA .. and that is how I will treat you! I’m happier with MoneyBookers and .. they get my business and you get the biggest finger on my hand .. Up yours .. Thank you for nothing!

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