ebook compareAn eBook Reader or e-Book device or e-reader is an electronic device which is only meant for reading digital books (known as ebooks) and periodicals. Somehow in design and looks it is similar to present tablet computers.

eBook reader arrived in India with a very long gap since its global presence but it explodes in North America and other parts of the world. The market was completely led by Amazon Kindle. By the time eBook readers made their presence in India and get their sales boosting, the time tablet computers arrived and offered a better alternative. But it was very bad response from the Indian customers as citizens of India still think eReaders are highly priced and they are scared of giving up their traditional books and further accepting the reading habits in ebooks formats. Since eBook readers had only one purpose and there were lot more alternatives to it like tablets and personal computers made e-book readers to decrease their pricing in India and make the market competitive.

Present here are the top eBook Readers that are available in India for reading digital books and periodicals –

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Amazon KindleBy no race at all the Amazon Kindle won the battle easily and enjoyed the pride of being the #1 eBook reader for many years.  Presently Amazon Kindle is using the 3rd version of it’s which includes Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G. The Kindle 3 is very light in weight, 6 inches screen and it is much more improved in the screen. This device comes with a QWERTY Layout keypad, quicker response time and it comes with an inbuilt memory of 4 GB. It can store up to 3500 books, blogs, ePapers and magazines, Text to Speech, Integrated dictionary, directory organization. The cons of Kindle are that it doesn’t provide you extra card slot or USB slot. It has also got its own browser which allows you to download eBook from the leading sources.

As we know that Amazon is the leader in online book world, it makes the Amazon Kindle to have the large collection of eBooks. The latest Wi-Fi and 3G versions are available in the price range of Rs 5850 to Rs 7500 with availability of Wi-Fi + 3G or Wi-Fi versions only. It enjoyed a comprehensive position to be the #1 eBook reader in India though it has a little competition and very less takers. In the past we have gone through the Amazon Kindle 2 review.

Sony eBook Readers

Sony PRS 650A various eBook readers were launched by Sony in order for them to gain the market on this category. They have launched nine models to date. The Pocket edition PRS 350 is the smallest of all the e-book offered by Sony with a weight of 155 grams. With a touch screen and gray-scale display with a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels. It has built-in memory of 2 GB and supports various e-book formats like ePub, PDF, Microsoft Word, TXT, RTF and BBeB. The next edition in line was PRS 650 with a weight of 215 grams, 2 GB internal memory, SD card slot, supports e-book formats like ePub, PDF, Microsoft Word, TXT, RTF and BBeB, audio formats like MP3 and AAC and is available in different colors.

The Daily Edition PRS 950 eBooks reader from Sony is currently according to the market trends. It weighs 272 grams with a touch screen display providing an utmost resolution of 600 x 1024. With built-in flash memory of 2 GB and SD card slot through Stick Pro Duo Slot. It supports various e-book formats like epub, PDF, Microsoft Word, TXT, RTF and BBeB and audio formats like MP3 and AAC. Additionally it has got 3G, Wi-Fi and a web browser.

All the above three eBook readers comes with bundled Sony eBook Library (also known as Sony Connect). Apart from that it has another 6 models which were discontinued for no reason in the form of PRS 900, PRS 300, PRS 600, PRS 500, PRS 505 and PRS 700.

Asus EEE Reader DR900

Asus EEE Reader DR900Asus have recently launched EEE Reader named as DR900 which is the first touchscreen Ebook Reader. So if you want a touchscreen compatible reader then its Asus DR 900 to go with. It comes with a large screen size of 9 inches and it offers 2.25 times the reading area then compared to 6 inch eBook readers. The touchscreen being capacitive and it has got virtual keyboard which can be used to annotate reading material, text and notes.

The thickness of this device is 10mm and it’s just weight 440 grams. Provided with an internal memory of 2 GB you can store up to 5000 e-book collection at once. As always SD card is must requirement, it does have that, thus you can increase the storage capacity of it. It features a 9 inch SiPix electrophoretic display and uses WebKit based browser. It has got WiFi Connectivity, option for 3G and provided amazing two weeks batteyr backup life.

You can make your PDF documents to read it automatically through text to speech software which comes built-in with the device and it supports 23 languages. For its best deal you can find at a price of Rs 11000 to 12000 in India.

JetBook Lite eBook Reader

Jetbook Ebook ReaderIf you think that investing more than 10,000 Rs on eBook reader is big issue then you can go with 5,000 Rs JetBook Lite eBook reader. As the price is low you should be compromising on certain features from the other eBook readers available in the market.

It provides you a 23 hours continuous battery backup without wearing out. It supports many file formats like PDF files and others and  you can use SD card for expanding the storage capacity. It can be best options if you can’t afford for Apple iPad or any other eBook reader. You can read a complete review on JetBook reader.

Apple iPad & iPad 2

Apple iPad 2Thought this is a tablet but it was a replacement and upcoming future device which completely shut the doors of eBook reader market. Apple invention of iPad made it to the most awaited gadget of 2010 and also the best-selling gadget of 2010. Its sleek and resourceful eBook reader, more than that it is linked with Internet through Wi-Fi and 3G internet connectivity to provide you access to the different websites and connected to the web for downloading stuffs which you like. The advantage it has got is due to the availability of apps for download available at iTunes store which has more than 3 lacs apps to be downloaded and use them.

Apple iPad latest launch in March 2011 features a Dual Core A5 processor for blazing fast speed and better performance. There is improved battery backup of up to 10 hours during normal playback time. The screen size is 9.7 inches with LED backlit display which in term provide a good viewing photos and videos with the crisp. As an Apple product surely it runs on Apple iOS 4 operating system. It has got Wi-Fi technology, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, HDMI cable and front camera. Apple iPad 2 is priced ranges from Rs 29000 to Rs 46000 and it will take you to the next level of computing.

InfiBeam PI eBook Reader

InfiBeam PI eBook ReaderInfibeam a leading eBook store has launched its own eBook reader making it sequel to Amazon Kindle in India. Available online for purchase at www.infibeam.com/Pi its 10 mm in thickness and its very light weight at 180 grams. It has a library of over 1 lacs of eBooks and its growing from time to time. They have the collection of all the best sellers and new releases from the digital world collection.

Reading eBook at InfiBeam PI is very easy, buy an eBook from Infibeam eBook store and download it to your Pi device and start reading it within no time. It also supports the Indian languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and few other languages. Amazing features and other add-ons can be seen in the latest release of IndiBeam Pi 2.

Pi comes with a storage of 500 eBooks altogether with its internal storage and for more you can add a SD card. Generally a 4 GB addition SD card can increase the memory of eBook storage to 3000 books so that you never miss any of your favorite collection with any compromise. Provided with a good battery backup Infibeam Pi is truly an Indian brand. Infibeam Pi comes at a price of Rs 9,999 and Pi 2 comes with a price of Rs 11999.

Wink eBook Reader

Wink eBook ReaderThe Wink eBook Reader being priced at Rs 11,000 with a 6 inches screen and 9 inches screen models providing you an utmost resolution of 800×600 pixels and more.

To get e-book for download you need to visit the WinkStore app on your Wink device and browse the entire online gallery. It offers 15 India languages viewing with file support to TXT, PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML, WOLF, CHM, FB2, DJVU, MP3 and AAC. The Wink is known for its better battery backup of up to 10 hours during playback on single charge. Moreover WinkStore has reported for selling the best sellers eBooks at very cheap price than its normal price.

You can check out our brief comparison of Apple iPad Vs Infibeam Pi eBook Readers & Apple iPad with JooJoo eReader. Google has also launched its eBook Store and named it as Google Editions.

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