I have been using Fring iPhone App from a while and also IM+ Lite on iPhone in order to stay connected on different Instant Messengers using my iPhone but there have always been different problems with these which is that you can expect the Fring App to hang regularly and close up automatically, may be a issue with higher memory usage and then no option to free iPhone memory. In case of IM+ its the last App i think i would be using now because its not worth the time since the paid version only offers you to stay online even when your App is closed.

eBuddy iPhone App Multiple Instant MessengersTry out the eBuddy App which is available now on iPhone for free of cost under the Social Networking category. Once you install this App you will be asked to either Select or Reject the option to allow the ‘Push Notifications’ feature which is really worth trying out because you can close the Application and still it keeps running in the background and whenever there is a message from your friends its shown on your iPhones main screen, the way the SMS messages notifications are shown.

Features of eBuddy for iPhone :
The best chat experience – eBuddy will automatically reconnect you if your Edge, 3G or Wifi connection is lost. Once you reconnect, you will get the offline messages that were sent to you when you were not online.

Chat with all your friends, everywhere – MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook buddies in one single buddylist

Easy chatting with multiple friends – Want to talk to multiple friends at the same time? With eBuddy for iPhone navigation between chat conversations is easy: just swipe your screen horizontally to switch between chats! Or get a quick overview of open chats in the Chats tab.

Personalize eBuddy for iPhone – Set your status and personal message and don’t be afraid to express yourself in your chat. Use emoticons or buzzers to personalize your chat exactly like you want it. You can also shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to send a buzzer.

eBuddy iPhone Create Account eBuddy iPhone Push Messages

You will have to register with eBuddy for creating a main account which once done you will be asked to Add Accounts of different Instant Messenger Networks.

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