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Delete Files Permanently

Whenever you plan to Sell your Old Computer or Laptop, its recommended that you would delete all your files or even say reinstall the whole Operating System, so that you don’t leave any tracks or any of your personal files to be accessed by the new owner which if misused would cost you more than what the price you have received for the Laptop. There are many different software’s available on the Internet which are free and going to help the users with recovering deleted files and this includes Digital Photos, Videos, Music and Document Files, which means that the new PC owner can get this freeware applications and try to gain access to your important but deleted files and make use of these. Hint – Recover Deleted Files, Permanently Delete Files, Bin Manager, Recover Deleted Photos etc

In this article we are going to review a software which is going to help you in deleting files from your Hard Drive Permanently, and not unlike the way Windows Operating System does this job by moving the files to Recycle Bin and from there to nowhere virtually but in recoverable state. The software is called as File Shredder which has a excellent User Interface with options listed on the left hand side. Once you install and run the software you will find the following interface.

File Shredder

File Shredder

The Add Files or Add Folders option allows you to specify and select the files or folders which you want to erase completely. Once the configuration is done, you need to select any one of the mentioned five different shredding algorithms ranging from simple one pass to Guttman algorithm.

Shredder Algorithms

Shredder Algorithms

Based on the type of files or folders you want to Erase, you can select the algorithm and go forward. The fastest and quickest one is the Simple One Pass, then Simple Two Pass followed by the most secured ones like D0D 5220-22.M, Secure earsing algorithm with 7 passes & Guttman algorithm 35 passes. The most recommended method is Gutmann because it writes down a series of different 35 patterns over the data region which has to be erased. Instead of using the normal delete and restore function, the Gutmann method would be the most secure since its real hard to restore the data and its claimed that intelligence agencies can only restore it. Even Data Recovery companies would feel it real hard to recover data which is overwritten 35 times in a row in different patterns.

Once you have selected the options, you need to click on the ‘Shred Free Disk Space’ option and you will get a quick wizard with options as shown below.

Shred Free Disk Space

Shred Free Disk Space

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  1. Still there are plenty of applications like Secure Delete, this one is effective

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