I have a peculiar problem. I am not the single user of my computer. My elder brother also uses my computer. I visit certain websites, which I don’t want my elder brother to know. But I don’t know the process of erasing the Google search memory cache. I have asked my friends about this, but they also face the same problem. Can you help me and my friends in getting out of this strange problem? Can you tell me the process of erasing the search memory on the Mozilla Firefox?

Why People Have Problems in Erasing the Google Search Memory?
Most people want to erase the Google Search Memory Cache as they don’t want to reveal their habit of visiting the adult sites. With up to date SEO and many tricks based on the adult site it is not unusual to face the problem of a hijacked browser.

First you will require covering the tracks and it is not very tough to understand the way of clearing the different caches available on the system. When an absolutely new searched is typed on Google, the Mozilla Firefox unexpectedly auto completes along those bad searches you performed earlier. This can cause immense problem for you in front of the elder members of your family.

How to Delete the Google Memory Cache?
Let us discuss the process of cleaning up the memory cache. I think this discussion will help you and your friends. First launch your web browser, then go to the Preferences section and click on Privacy.

Browser Privacy Settings

Go to the “Saved Forms” area and click on the ‘clear saved form data now’ option, you will be able to do the erasing by clicking on that.

Clear Saved Data

Now click on the Settings option on the right side of the bottom of the window.

Here you are getting to delete all the items you wish when you close the browser. This will certainly be a better option for you, as no risk of recovering history is left if you use this function.

I hope you have learnt the way of erasing the Google memory cache, but I think it is better not to visit the naughty sites than to know the way of deleting the signs of your malevolence. Try to learn the tricks of computers to increase your knowledge, but not for covering up your mistakes. Another thing that I must mention is that erasing memory cache also helps to increase the speed of your computer.

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