delicious back up logoIt’s still not clear that whether Yahoo Inc.! will be shutting down its Delicious services or selling it out but if tomorrow Yahoo happens to shut the Delicious service you should not get affected as let’s check out how you can export all your Delicious bookmarks easily. So, let’s check out how you can import your delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

Procedure to export delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks:

  • First you will need to drag and drop the bookmark let shown below in your bookmarks toolbar.

Upload Delicious Bookmarks To Google Bookmarks

  • Now, you will need to log in to your Google account and also you need to log in to your Delicious account, then go to the Delicious bookmarks export page and export the Delicious bookmarks & simply save the export file to your PC as shown below.

Export or Import Delicious bookmarks

  • Now, after exporting the file to your PC, open the exported bookmarks file in your browser and simply click on the bookmark let. Basically, the script will assemble all of your delicious bookmarks and transfer the same to your Google Bookmarks, as shown below:

Google importing Bookmarks

  • Now, on the Google Importing Bookmarks page, click on Import tab to complete the importing of all your bookmarks.

The main advantage of this backup is that along with all your delicious bookmarks but also preserve the tags, links and also the title of the links. Since you are transferring to a new client you also have an option to either select few individually or even can choose to import all of them in bulk.

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