With so many printers available in the market with different brands with different purposes and so many printer launched for a variety of applications and requirements, you have a choice to choose printer of your needs. However with lots of printer models availability in the market its really difficult to find a printer which perfectly suits your applications or it meets up your requirements.

best printer recommendationsThe other problem is whenever you has bought your printer say a HP Deskjet D1550 and after few months if you would like to buy the same printer then printer might not be available as the manufacturing of that model is closed by the manufacturers. So its essential to have some considerations while choosing a printer for your applications be it office purpose or home purpose. Here are the few points you should work out while choosing a printer-

Home vs Office:

Printers for home purposes are use very often and buying the inkjet printer of HP or Canon like HP Deskjet Printer or Canon Inkjet printer would be good as the investment towards them is very less. If you want to have fax included then certainly go with All in one Printers. Whereas for the office purposes it requires fast, reliable and economical prints and so choosing a laser printer is a good option as it reduces over all costs per print, fast and reliable. Now its complete depends whether to go with Monochrome Laser Printer (starting from $120) or with Color Laser Printer (starting from $200), but their applications are limited to only printing.

Printer Technology:

With the advancement in the technology of laser, buying a printer with latest technology would cost your more. With the ever-falling price of laser printers and inkjet printers, one would probably not prefer Dot Matrix printer. However if you have office and would like to connect all the PC with prints functions then going with wireless printer would be your best resort as it is hassle free than connecting it in network or parallel connections.

Output Applications:

If you are a photographer then there a variety of printers available specially meant for photo prints which are Photo Inkjet Printers. Photo Inkjet Printers are specially meant for photo copies and reproduces dynamic range of photographs with creditable photofinishing. If you just want black and color prints which has to be economical then go with Deskjet Printer (Inkjet Printers). Alternatively if you want all the options like printing, copying, scanning and faxing then go with multifunctional printer or All-in One printers.

Your Investment Costs:

Last but not least, make your amount realistic for the requirements which you are looking for. Calculate how much would be the refilling cost of the printer cartridges that you have and how many prints it gives to you! Knowing about your printer cartridges is the best thing before buying a printer.

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