Traffic Numbers StatsBefore you start reading this blog post for some kind of exclusive tool then you should take a step back because we are going to give you a small hint on a public service offered by Google which can help you in finding out any blog’s actual or real traffic easily. Stop checking out the tools like Alexa or Statcounter which can be faked using some third party tricks but the one offered by Google cannot be faked because its very hard to do that. The entire point of this article is that when you visit different blogs on the web, they would fake their stats claiming that they reach lakhs or millions of visitors every month but thats not entirely true.

The tool about which I have been talking about is the Google DoubleClick Ad Planner which offers you with some excellent insights as mentioned below. Lets take a example of Tech Crunch which is one of the best blogs on the web around Technology related content [Sister Blog of Gizmodo]. Now if you visit their advertising page you would find that they claim to have around the following traffic :

  • 12+ million unique visitors / month
  • 35+ million page views / month

Now how do you confirm these stats if they are right or atleast near to the exact estimates? You would either check out the Alexa Rank which can just give you a rank but no estimated stats, next option is to try out Quantcast which mentions that the owner has hidden the stats, followed by Check Website Stats which guesses the stats to be around millions of visitors every day, clearly showing that the stats are wrong followed by which again reports that TechCrunch gets less than a million visitors because they report only US based traffic. When your search for finding actual traffic is not completed then its time to check out the Google Ad Planner as mentioned above.

Link : Stats on Google Ad Planner

TechCrunch Traffic Stats

As you can see the comparison of what the blog is claiming and what Google Ad Planner, there isn’t much difference in both because the statistics are not linked with their Google Analytics account. In most cases the Ad Planner is linked to the respective Analytics Account of the blogs following which the stats would be almost exact to whats the real traffic the blog gets as recorded by Google Analytics.

How DoubleClick Ad Planner data is generated
DoubleClick Ad Planner combines information from a variety of sources including anonymized, aggregated Google Toolbar data from users who have opted in to enhanced features, publisher opt-in anonymous Google Analytics data, opt-in external consumer panel data, and other third-party market research. The data is aggregated over millions of users and powered by computer algorithms.

For a Example of Analytics Linked data, check out the Stats of which have a message under description which says ‘(Data source: Publisher)‘ which clearly means that the site owner has linked their Google Analytics account and which is why the statistics mentioned here are almost exact.

Now i hope you can find out the difference between actual statistics and the fake stats claimed by bloggers in order to increase their followers or charge advertisers higher amounts. Hope this helps you, and feel free to respond back if you have any queries.

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