OphCrack LogoHave you forgotten the password for your Windows operating system? Then the best way to get over this problem is to simply crack it rather than re installing the operating system again. It doesn’t require you to be a developer or a programmer or to crack it, just few simple steps you can easily crack it. The tool called OphCrack will help you to crack the password. This tool is absolutely available for free and probably the best tool to crack the password for your Windows operating system. The basic working of this tool mainly depends on the rainbow table which is downloaded by itself at the time of installation.


As you can see above that it’s a utility window. Since it uses the rainbow tables it works efficiently with one of the best Graphical user interface (GUI) which helps the people who are less familiar with the cracking of the passwords. This tool runs on Multiplatform which means that it runs on Linux, Mac, Windows and also on UNIX. Since this tool is very lite, it works pretty fast without much loading the system. Let’s see how this tool can be downloaded and can be installed in the procedure below.

Whats OphCrack

Currently, there are two download options available on the site; you can download this OphCrack software tool if your window is still working or if it is not loading then you can download the OphCrack Live CD if your Windows is not at all functioning and need password to install it. First you need to run the installation file and then you will see the options to download the tables which are shown at the starting of the installation process.

Choose Components

Now, while the setup loads, you can see that there are three options like Download and install small Win XP tables, fast Win XP tables or even free Vista tables. After selecting this you can see that automatically the table download will be initiated. Currently the tables are only available for Windows XP and Windows Vista but sadly there are still no tables provided for Windows 7. After the successful download of the tables, installation will be initiated automatically. Now, to crack the passwords, click on Load and you will find various options like Crack LM, Encrypted SAM, select Session File, PWDUMP File and also NTLM hashes.


Generally OphCrack claims that it can crack 99.9 % of the whole passwords from nearly any Windows installation software suites within seconds apart from Windows 7 as till now there are still no tables for Win 7 from developer. What’s the beauty is that you can even run the Brute-force module for simple passwords and also there is an audit mode given to extract the information by which you can simply export all the passwords in the CSV file format. This tool provides a real time graphs for analyzing the passwords along with that you can also load the hashes from the encrypted SAM.

If you want to have the OphCrack Live CD then you will have to first download the same from the website which is of 490 MB size and its free. The downloaded CD content also has Sli Taz which is a Linux distribution, the OphCrack software and other files need to recover the passwords first. Since this Live CD is fully automatic, you will be able to fix it soon without wasting any time. The size of the Crack is just around 5 MB as it usually is created on desktop screen as the shortcut. This tool is very handy, simple and of course free which supports operating systems like Windows, Linux / Unix , Mac OS X. If you want to crack the password of Word document then you can do this too very easily.

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