If you a person like me who kind of keeps bookmarking different web pages which i come through on my browser, then iam sure your bookmarks folder would be having hundreds of links within it. While i do a quick check through these links i found out that some of these are over 2 years old and many of these are giving me a 404 Error pages since some of the websites are just dead links, some domains were not renewed, some pages were redirected and some sites changed the whole URL Structure itself which is the reason there is no point in continuing with those dead links stored in the browser. The more stuff like this & Add-on’s stored on your browser the more slower it becomes and you are left with no options other than upgrading your laptops hardware to support the heavy resource using applications.

CheckPlaces ProgressTry out CheckPlaces Firefox Add-on which checks your browsers bookmarks in multiple ways. This Add-on would first do a basic checkup and if you check on the options you will be able to perform other options like looking up for pages still exist, duplicate bookmarks, and empty folders. Also you can make the Add-on to restore the Favicon’s which are missing for few of your bookmarks.

Just Install this Add-on and you will find a small icon on your browser’s status bar and also its listed under Bookmarks > CheckPlaces , which when clicked would show you a small box with multiple option to select. You need to select the following option to perform the best clean up.

CheckPlaces Firefox Addon Options

Check for Duplicates – Finds all the duplicate links stored under your bookmarks folder.
Delete Duplicate Dates – Sometimes while you bookmark a link under dates, they get done twice hence this option can delete those duplicate links.
Check for Empty Folders – You can create different folders and then add bookmarks under them, something like saving them in different categories.
Check Page Exist Use Timeout – This option if for performing a small checkout for all the links to check whether they are all live links and have not gone dead. Though by default it checks for 60 seconds Timeout and if still a link does not load up it will be considered as dead.
Load Favicons – Once you click on your browsers Bookmarks menu you will find a big list of your bookmarks in a drop down format and many a times these links dont have a Favicon which is why its recommended to select this option to restore the Favicon for all the bookmarked links.

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