Its important to know what is your preferences before looking out for the free chat rooms best suited for your need. For instance if you are looking for just type and chat or else if you are looking to switch between voice chat to video chat.

A Chat Room contains group of people who are open for the talk of your interest. Various chat room have various interfaces and providence. There are plenty of free chat room on Internet to choose from and satisfy your requirements.

Different forms of Chatting

Text Chatting
Chatting through typing text is one of the best and known forms of chat adopted in chat rooms and used by many. This doesn’t require any software and so, just join the chat room, select the member profile and start chatting.

Voice Chat
Generally when you are tired with typing you can turn on for voice chat if the other person is ready. For this you need to have headset with voice chat features. In this you can exchange you voice just like conversations on your phone along with text chatting too possible.

Video Chat
Video chat is through direct contact, with live video of the person with whom you are chatting to. Paltak chat services offers paid video chat services.

Popular Chat Applications
For chatting in publich rooms using text or any other modes of chatting you can try out these chat rooms for free-

  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Paltalk Messenger
  • Skype
  • AIM
  • Facebook Chat
  • Gtalk

All these runs free chat room which are user friendsly and has the list of chat rooms on different topics and subjects of chat room names. Gtalk doesn’t have, it just adds your Gmail friends.

Out of the programs mentioned above Yahoo Messenger is the best and the known one which allows text as well as the voice chat. Here is the Yahoo Chat Interface for you.Chat rooms

If you are using Mac OS X then you might like to use Apple iChat and Adium which offers both voice and video chat.

For free chat rooms you can try and They have lot of free rooms to chat with without even registration too.

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