How to find Serial number of your Nokia mobile device

How to find the serial number of your Nokia mobile device

Nokia Mobiles offers you with three different ways to find your serial numbers which you can use to report your lost mobile phones if you didnt use a anti-theft software

Here are the different ways :

1. The Serial number is printed on a label inside your mobile phone and you need to switch off your mobile phone and remove the battery to find the label. Its a safe location and your serial is always available there unless your mobile phone was dropped in water and the number gets erased.

Mobile Phone Serial Number

2. The second method was already told to you which is using the *#06# keys option to find the IMEI Number and noting it down somewhere and using the number later on to track the lost mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Bix IMEI Number

3. Finding the label on your handset’s box which you should have recieved if you have bought a new handset from a genuine seller. The serial number also called as the IMEI Number would be located on the Top of the box.

Mobile Phone Device Box

Track Lost Mobile Phones

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  1. brenda allen says:

    im trying to locate my serial number in order to buy more minutes.

  2. my nokia 1100i was stollen i called my service provider they said they can only block sim and i CANNOT FIND MY SERIAL IS THERE ANY WAY?

  3. i want to know how my mobile nokia 1100i disply repair.


  5. i want check serial no 355216032864699

    • suraj singhania says:

      hi jince my name is suraj. from punjab patiala. i am a professinal mobile hicker i read ur problem if u want anything our mobile phone so dial a code *#92702689# and *#0000# u get full details of our mobile like serial no. how many times repaired. volume , model no.

  6. my nokia E52 which one countries are making

  7. My nokia 3110c has theft imei is35553501828839 mobile no 9466301512

  8. Also you could know the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on many Nokia phones.

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