If you are a full time computer users then at times you would be interested in knowing your Pc’s uptime ie the time it has been running continiously before you did you a full restart. For this you need to check out your Tast Manager which can be opened by the following way.

Right Click anywhere in your taskbar and click on TaskManager Option :
Task Manager Right Click

Another option to get Task Manager is clicking ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ combination keys and going over to the windows vista user login page, where you need to click on the ‘Task Manager’ option.

Windows Vista Task Manager

In the Task Manager you can move over to the Performance Tab to check out the Up Time of your computer. This is a very beautiful interface which offers you many other CPU info ranging from CPU Usage History to the physical memory available and used.

In this under the ‘System’ column you can find the ‘Up Time’, i have attached a screenshot of the same below with the required information marked up.

Windows Vista Tast Manager Up Time

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