Apple Macbook Laptop Case Cracked2 years back i had purchased a Apple Macbook from Forum – Bangalore and recently i found that the Notebook’s Case has cracked near the trackpad and the reason for this was unknown, because Chetan Bhawani was using it and he had never complained about the Macbook being dropped anywhere and i guess this is some issue with most Apple Laptops which were launched 1-2 years back. Though many a times the external body gets damaged when the Laptops is dropped from the table or else the laptop bag is thrown somewhere and you cannot get the whole body changed because that would cost atleast 200$+ for a very minor issue. A Better solution for this would be to fix it at home using Epoxy putty which is a quick hardening space-filling adhesive like Dendrite.

Here is a Graphical Tutorial on How you can fix those Cracked areas or Dents on your Laptop easily using some home made ideas.

You need to clean all the areas nearby the location where the Laptop Notebook is cracked along with the total laptop cleaning. Next you need to paste the Epoxy putty adhesive thoroughly over the surface and then using a blade slowly peel off over the external body to make sure that there is no adhesive left outside and then clean out the other areas. This way it wont form any kind of bump or lump on the external body and the fix wont be visible to anyone. If the colour is not matching you can paint the adhesive area to make it look perfect.

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