Server Not Found LogoWe all use Mozilla Firefox and the common problem which has been encountered with recently is with the message Server Not Found. It’s not because of No Internet connectivity or Low speed internet connectivity but was due to some other reasons, so let’s check out the reasons on why it sometime shows Server Not found?

Firstly you need to check whether that’s actually the Internet connection problem or the website problem, this can be tested either by opening other sites in the browser itself or you can test by opening the website for which it is showing this message. Since some malwares may prevent being loading themselves in the Firefox, it’s wise enough to block computer security websites sometimes. Also, try clearing the browser’s cookies and also the cache by going into Tools and then selecting Clear the cache. Certain types of malwares are known to target Firefox and can prevent it from loading various websites. If still the problem is not solved then try with scanning your system with an Anti-virus because sometimes with a virus in your PC may bring such kind of errors. If you have an antivirus or Internet security program, update its detections database and do a full scan of your system. If this solves your purpose and the web page loads without this error then don’t proceed but if it still doesn’t then let’s see what actually the problem may be?

3 ways to get away with Server Not Found Error message:

  • Firstly head to Menu bar, Tools and just simply select to clear the recent history. In the time range, select option everything and ensure that all options are checked and then click on the Clear now. Now this will erase every single cache which is stored in the Mozilla Firefox including logins and site preferences.

Clear Recent History

  • In the second method, from the Menu Bar, go to Tools and select the Page Info and then click on view cookies and then empty up all the list of cookies from the list.

Page Info

Most probably by following the above steps you would have got away with the message of Server Not found successfully but in rare case it happens that error might still be encountered, so now there’s only one option left that is to simply uninstall and again install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser. This will definitely solve this problem. To ensure that this problem doesn’t come up in a nut shell ensure that you always scan your PC regularly, if some sites doesn’t open up then its better to block the antivirus or choose to turn off the real time scanning option for temporary period of time till you surf the internet and also always ensure that you are on the latest version of the web browser.

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