Primo Pdf software was launched in 2004 for the function of conversion of any file or document to PDF version that can be viewed with much ease. A Pdf version is the most reliable formats used in attachments because of its reliability. Primo PDF makes pdf documents for different uses and this includes online viewing, e books, office printing etc. after the conversion, the software combines the PDF files for better performance.

It is secure with passwords and gives enough room for the addition of other documents like the name of the author title etc. the information in the Pdf format can be edited after the conversion. Among the software’s known for conversion, Primo pdf is the most preferred because of its high quality production when it comes to creativity it is also user friendly, easy to use and the greatest advantage of all is that after the conversion, the file can be printed to PDF by any windows application, this makes it reliable as well as efficient and most of all; it is free. Nitro’s free software depends so much on Primo PDF for its performance.

Nitro software
It is one of the leading worldwide software vendors whose products are sold online through corporate resellers and at leading retailers internationally. This software is preferred as it gives users the complete set of tools used in editing the PDF files. Nitro has 500 organizations with millions of people worldwide.

Its customers include American Airlines, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, IBM, the Us Department of Defense and Microsoft, which are famous internationally. PDF files converted with Primo PDF can be edited to different forms like the file can be resized, optimized and designed to the desired shape or form. The PDF file can be easily converted into Microsoft word with much ease.

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