Galaxy S NandroidThere are numerous ways with which you can have a backup of all your data on your Galaxy S, be it messages, call log or the apps. Till now we mostly use individual apps to backup messages, call log and apps, but now not anymore, as with the arrival of Nandroid backup, you can back up all of them with an ease. With this technique of back up you can only have a backup of maximum 885MB. Please note that by installing this NANDROID program to backup, you don’t need to root your Samsung Galaxy S.

Procedure to install Nandroid image Backup:

  • First of all you will have to download the Nandroid image file and then unzip the same.
  • Boot the Samsung Galaxy S in the fast boot mode and flash the Nandroid image which you have downloaded from the last step “fast boot flash recovery recovery_gal_msdk.img”
  • After flashing, just reboot the device and there you go now the Nandroid backup recovery tool has been successfully installed in the device.

Android recovery

Procedure to use Nandroid Backup:

  • To use the NANDROID Backup, you will have to get into the recovery mode. To Boot in recovery mode, first you will have to ensure that you have switched OFF your mobile and then Press “volume down + call simultaneously and then press the Power button holding the former two”. Now, your device will be rebooted with the screen as shown below, if your device doesn’t get booted with the below screen then this means that your mobile hasn’t entered in the recovery mode and in this case you will have to re try to enter the recovery mode.
  • The backup is stored in the internal sdcard of the Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone, you can’t store multiple back up files, only one back up is stored at a time in the phone, if you try to back up multiple times then the latest back up will over write the older backup which you have created.
  • To restore an older backup, rename the directory which contains the backup to being the last date which will be like “/sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/” and the “/userdata and /cache” are not restored by default, because they contains no useful data.

NANDROID Backup OptionsNANDROID Restore Options

In the boot menu you will find the options like reboot (which can be done by pressing the back button), backup (which can be done by pressing the Menu button) and also from the restore latest (press call or the green button). If this would have been added after upgrading to the new version of 2.2.1 then you can enjoy the future updates with which you can have multiple backups. This backing up helps a lot when Galaxy S is lost as you can at least store a complete backup in one single file which is there in the root.

So, in this way you can easily backup and restore all data which is there in your Samsung Galaxy S.

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