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Most couples are always very much excited about their future baby and would always try to predict how would they look and what qualities it would have, though predicting is always good but thats not a guarantee. Check out MakeMeBabies website which works on Advanced Face Detection Technology and requires the couples photos in order to generate a Picture of your Future Baby. Its a nice online application which can be helpful for fun and this does not guarantee you any real baby photos because a lot more factors would be counted in real life rather than the normal external looks. This can be helpful to you while you are with few of your friends and in predicting if the baby would be looking more on the guy or the gal.



You will have to first click on the Upload Button and select a Photo from your computer and upload it to the website followed by which you will be asked to Crop the Image and try to focus only on the face rather than other stuff and then once this is done and continued you will be asked to upload your partners photo again with the same crop option. You will also have a option to select a celebrity instead of a partner for fun off course in order to see what kind of a baby would be generated :p

Since this service allows you to have some timepass by finding how your future babies would look you can also try out with different celebrities and here is a sample i did by matching two top bollywood actors ie Deepika Padukone & Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Deepika Baby

Akshay Deepika Baby

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  1. This is one of the most funniest tools I have seen lately. Making babies photos by merging 2 adults, would anyways product a hybrid which would never resemble one of a real one.

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