Here is a excellent application for the Apple iPad users, which is going to allow you to get Tabbed Browsing functionality in your device. The default iPad browser is Safari which does not allow you to access the Internet using tabs which is the reason we have to find different apps to get this job done.

We are discussing here about the Atomic Browser which is a very important app available as a free as well as a paid app. You can first download the lite version which costs nothing and offers decent enough features. The best part of this browser is that you can use it on your smartphone like iPhone, Droid or devices like iPad with the app loading quickly not being very heavy on the processor. In case of the iPad, there a lot of need for the tabs because of the large screen and just accessing the same tab would make you feel bored but with multiple tabs you can easily increase your productivity.

The Tabs in the browser are displayed the way they would be on your desktop browser and would feature them below the address bar. You can see a screen-shot of the browser below with 3 different tabs open.

Tabbed Browsing iPad Atomic Browser

Next while you are reading some article and if you need to open some link in a new tab, you have to press and hold on the link, which will display a contextual menu with different options as shown below.

iPad Browser Contextual Settings

The next feature of this browser is the Full Screen Mode which is available as a small icon on the bottom right section of the browser which when enabled would hide all the Tabs, Address Bar and display the active web page completely on your screen. You can enable the Private Mode to make sure that all the visits you make to different web pages are not recorded. Lock Rotation option would make sure that the screen does not rotate if the iPad is moved and the screen is locked in the same view. You can also increase or decrease the displayed content font size using the options on the Settings section.

You can also setup different customized options under the main settings section which can be used for editing the Privacy Options, Full Screen Options, Status Bar, Search Engines, Color Themes, Tab Styles – Desktop Style or List View, Disable Display Images, Hide Progress Bar etc. Overall the Atomic Web Browser is a app which is very much useful for Bloggers because of the options like built-in Adblock, Facebook and Twitter integration, support for multiple search engines, find-in-page search, rotation lock, offline page viewing, adjustable fonts, bookmarks with folder support, automatic tab restoration, image block, a large library of bookmark scripts, source viewing, and the ability to assign your own multi-touch gestures.

The only problem which we found using this browser is that, it was quite slow in loading the web-pages and this may be because the browser would try to load one web page completely and then move over to the next tab instead of making all of them load simultaneously. This may be the browser’s drawback or a issue the iPad’s browsing functions.

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