I was just reading a article by Michael Arrington at Techcrunch on Google Is A Malware Site (Says Yahoo). Here is a small snippet :

I’m going to assume that the fact that some Yahoo search results that point to Google with a malware warning are a sign that their new partnership with McAfee just needs a little tuning. The alternatives are either (1) Google is serving Malware, or (2) Yahoo or McAfee are playing a little joke.

Google Dangerous Downloads

Now from the link they are referring to @ yahoo search results for Astalavista , the 10th result shows that google.com is a dangerous downloads website, but in you check out the result in detail, its a clear thing that the results are something else. When you click on the details of the yahoo search results the siteadviser McAfee results report that the website which is referred is astalavista.ms and not the real search engine google.com

Mcafee Malware Reports

Now we can just assume that the search results display URL may be wrong because what the SearchScan detail page informs is something else. This is a service which is similar to Google’s malware warning tool. May be techcrunch guys should do a little more research before getting into quick reports.

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