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Illegal Downloading Mp3 OnlineGuruji – A Website which claims to share knowledge and is the first crawler based search engine developed completely in India and designed to make search simple for Indian users. I was recently making a google search for a hindi movie review ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi where i found a sponsored ad which was for with the following Ad Details :

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Songs
Only on Music Search.
Type movie/singer name. Get Songs!

The Landing Page of this Ad was this Illegal MP3 Songs

Iam sure even if its Google Search Engine or Yahoo Search, no one would directly offer Mp3 online with options like Listen to Mp3, Download Mp3 etc, but may be this specific search engine has got no fears in offering illegal version of these Mp3 songs. Even though the songs are not hosted with them, still its not fair to make the Mp3 directly available on a popular growing search engine and also promoting them through Google Adwords.

Guruji Mp3 Online Songs

Generally these search engine gains should block access to these illegal Mp3 download/sharing files and try to avoid illegal music downloading and follow the music piracy laws, but these people are promoting illegal stuff for just gaining more users and expanding their brand.

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  1. how can i download songs from guruji please someone help me.

  2. Freemusicmasti says:

    Guruji is bad…Its illegal

  3. Sam is completely Wrong. A legal suit is filed by T-series on Guruji. (some IITD guy based in US) in the past was doing the same and then were questioned by and they were paid huge money by Svaan who then acquired Phulki. Aggregator is also equally wrong.Some illegal sites of indian music :,,
    Raaga folks were caught by PPL bodies of India but guess there is something black and white deals were performed. Raaga illegally streams T-Series Content.
    Legal sites of music,,,
    The only legal aggregator is

    • those sites are really good. I using for a long time! Though those are illegal but i love those. Because those sites saves our time as well as money! :)

  4. Guruji is not at all a good resource. There is nothing wrong said. Being illegal is always illegal.

  5. GuruJi guys scammed me. I put their banners on my sites and they paid nothing. Be ware from them. They are clever.

  6. Snehashish says:

    Its quite shocking that my most favorite site was found out illegal. And i had been using it for last 4 yrs!! Now I wait for an equivalent site that would emerge as powerful as guruji but legal of course…
    They have disheartened their thousands of fans like me…

  7. roop kukar says:

    Amitabh’s son Abhishek is Hero not my son, and Abhishek’s grand son will be hero, not mine, ………………..

    in bollywood, it’s family business, not equal opportunity employment…

    so why should their fake talent get all the fake worth, other people should also enjoy, these bollywood people are mafia, a software engg. who makes website earns in lakhs a year but these stupid singers who sing a song for 5 minutes, should earn in billions ?

  8. Oh! i was wondering why this site suddenly got removed from the internet. Got to know about this just now . But was the best site that i have ever used for Songs downloads. The concept used by them was just brilliant. Bad Luck for guruji !!

  9. Now they got what they deserve- fall in visitors .. :) alexa rank 1200 to 42000
    more then 100 Time less visitors

  10. Hi Amit,

    These websites are not eligible to even play the online streaming songs too. In india you can either listen songs online or directly buy mp3 song from legal sites.

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