There are many reasons why should you defragment your computer’s HDD. it not only increases the speed of laptop but also increases the performance. Generally the scenario is that when you work on your computer you keep updating the files, deleting some files and uploading some new stuff which is loaded in your hard disk. When you delete a file, upload file & simaltaneously update file the data is written on your hard disk’s different sectors in random locations rather than being stored in a continued block, this continues and in the end whenever you upload a new file to the Hard disk drive the data is stored in random locations ie scattered in your hard drive, which when called would take a lot of seek time in short would take more time to perform any action.

Process of Defragment HDD :
If you are a windows user you can find the inbuild free Windows Defragmenter software in your operating system which you can use to get started. Its always recommended to close/stop all the running programs because these lead to change in the files and file structure. Also you should try to first delete all the useless files from your computer’s hard disk drive which may include bigger files in the form of movie/audio files which take huge amount of data in Megabyte’s and fill up your hard disk. You need a minimum of 15% of free space if you are going to use the window’s based Disk Defragmater because it would use the free space to move the other data and correctly store it in the HDD. The main job of these softwares is that , they try to move all the data in a chain format instead of keeping it stored at random locations on the different sectors in the hard disk drive.

Hard Disk Cylinder Tracks Sector

Hard Disk Drive Structure :
The Hard Disk is a bigger type of a CD-Rom with the same format of file Storage, Tracks, Cylinders and Sectors. The Hard Disk Drive is originally of RAW format when its a fresh copy. The data is recorded on different tracks which are concentric circles which are placed on the surface of the platter and they are like a chain of rings. These hard disks have thousands of tracks which are on the platters and while the hard disk’s moving head moves over the inner to the outer part of the disk the data is accessed. Each track can hold thousands of bytes of data in sectors which are a part of tracks.

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmentor
Disk Defragmentor
The Disk Defragment process can really Speed up Laptop Computer

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