How to Access Blocked Websites at School Office or work

While you are in school or working at office, using a pc with no internet would make you lose interest in everything because a PC with internet is like a Television set without Cable connection and you cannot just continue, but there is no other option because most of the websites are blocked by your employer in order to make sure you work more and surf less. But in this case free proxy servers would help you in gaining access to these blocked websites.

While accessing the web using a free proxy website you need to make sure you never login to any secured website, or make any purchases because when i recently checked out the cookies setup on a proxy website files it had the complete browsing history saved, which means that all your important data can be used by someone else in wrong means and you can lose your privacy. You can also lose your important email accounts or financial data while using a proxy website with logins, so you need to avoid these steps.

Blocked Secured Websites

Another option is using Proxy Avoidance Software like Crossloop where in the server is hosted by your PC and no other 3rd party website where you have no fear of privacy problem or financial data loss. You will need to stay connected to the internet from your home in order to use these softwares because you can access the server setup at your home from any blocked connection at office/school and get a secured proxy connection.

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  1. avinashsonee says:

    Nice proxy. People can also use and for Proxies. Its better not to use sites like or any site which contains the word proxy in them as many web administrators block this word too.

  2. Pratyush says:

    We all love to break rules, but I would like to know how to create one, which cant be broken.
    What is the best software/method to block porn/mail sites at my office which even block proxies ? Also such software just protect the explorer but the employees often use download managers to download some content. Any way to block them too ?

  3. m.dinesh says:

    I got caught so many times in my college doing restricted things, I used to connect to internet without our lab incharge permission an used to open internet. There is no need for me to use proxy websites or proxy servers, but i think people who go to office might have use with these proxies what ever they are — websites or softwares

  4. do you know how to stimulate US browsing ?

  5. Computer class sucks if i cant go on my favorite websites. What is the best way to unblock things like myspace and youtube, stuff like that?

  6. mada mada dane says:

    If there is information relating to how to access the websites which are blocked/restricted by the government and the user is using the internet connection of the local area of both wired and wireless connections

  7. The Image is really matching the content. Gaining access to those sites by proxy browser is one of the easiest method one can follow.

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