Many of us do not feel comfortable with the idea of sharing their actual name in the virtual space due to various security and privacy reasons such as unsolicited tracking, hacking, identity theft and many others. For them, the best option is to obtain a new screen name. In Yahoo, you can find your screen name, especially when you are chatting to someone else on Yahoo Messenger. You may use your real name as your screen name, or you may use yahoo ID or you can use your nick name as your screen name.

How to Add New Screen Name in Yahoo Messenger?
Well, in order to understand it in details, let us assume that we have a yahoo id called Now open your Yahoo Messenger, and put the user ID and password in the boxes. Click on Sign in button. Once you are logged in, you click on the ‘Messenger’ tab available on the top left corner of your Yahoo Messenger main window.

It will open a menu. You click on My ‘Contact Details’ now.

Yahoo Messenger Screen NameYahoo Messenger Screen Name

Now, put a name on the First Name area that you would like your friends should see when they chat with you through Yahoo Messenger. If you put any name in the Nickname field, it will be shown on your screen while you chat with your friends.

Yahoo Messenger Account Settings

Hence, in the above example, the name dream_marchent will come in your window as a screen name, while your friend can find you in the name of PicassoSatrinai. ?
Warning: If you send PM to someone or chat with someone who does not belong to your messenger’s friends list, your email id will be revealed instead of your screen name, that means, if you send PM using the email id, then the screen name will come as munnavaimbbs.

How to Add New Screen Name in Yahoo Mail?

Adding a new screen name in Yahoo Mail is bit different than adding it to Yahoo Messenger. In order to do this, you first open your mail box in Yahoo classic mail version. Again, we are taking the id as an example. So when you have opened your mail box, click on Options tab on the top-right corner of the page. Now, you click on Option>Mail Options as shown in the image below.

Yahoo Messenger Login AccountYahoo Messenger Mail Options

Look at the middle panel of the page. Under ‘Management’ section, you should click on ‘General Preferences’.

Yahoo Mail Account Preferances

Now, in the General Preference window, you find the first text field called ‘From name:’, you will find the default name that you chose during your registration.

Yahoo Mail Account Preferances

If left unchanged, the mail you will send from, will be delivered with the sender name ‘MunnavaiMBBS’. It means, when you will send email from this mail ID, the receiver will find the name MunnavaiMBBS’ as the sender name.

Yahoo Messenger Name Change

Yahoo Messenger Name Change

Now scroll down the page and click on the save button to save your General Preference.

Yahoo Messenger Account Changes Save

You are done. You have just now learned the tricks to change / add your new screen name to Yahoo Mail.

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