How to Backup your Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox Bookmarks when it was launched was a hit since you need to don’t remember the sites which are visited and once bookmarked you are just clicks away from opening the site. Of many reason there is always a chance of your PC crash anytime or Firefox uninstall so it always better to have a backup of Bookmarks in Firefox since those are very important for you.

Taking a backup of bookmarks is pretty simple process

  • 1. Go to Bookmarks > Organise Bookmarks in the main menu. Thanks to Firefox that they have provided a shortcut key for this function which is CTRL+ SHIFT+ B to open Bookmarks manager but I think this is never used by any users. As you want to backup your Firefox bookmarks so its cleary that you must be in Firefox Browser and it doesn’t matter on which page or which TAB you are.
    Firefox backup
  • 2. This will open Bookmarks Manager window. In this windows you will see all the bookmarks saved to your personal settings. Proceed to Import and Backup > Export HTML.
    Firefox backup
  • 3. Export HTML when clicked it will ask for backup to be downloaded to your local drive, select the destination folder and save the backup.
  • 4. This will have a backup of your Firefox to your local drive.

You can easily now understand the procedure on how to Import Firefox Bookmarks. This one was the easiest procedure which doesn’t take 2 minutes of your time and very short by me to save your time.

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